The Tai Chi Class is currently not accepting new learners, sorry for any inconvenience caused.


The Newport Chinese Community Centre has successfully applied for a funding from the Awards for All (Wales) to run an ‘Over 60s Luncheon & Activities Club’. The aim of the project is to bring older people together and build strong relationship among them. This can help tackling the problem of loneliness and isolation.

We will hold different activities in the coming months such as health talks, day trips, mobile phone classes, cultural festive gatherings, cooking classes and luncheon meetings for the over sixty people. We hope that older people from all backgrounds will be able to participate in one or more activities thus they can make friends with more people and stay active.


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Due to the high cost of postage, the centre have ceased to send all publication by mail. We will put all information and notices onto our website and Facebook page. Alternatively, please inform the staff if you would like to receive materials through WhatsApp and/or WeChat.

If anyone would like to continue to receive information by mail, please register with our staff and pay an extra £3 for the cost of postage (one year) when you renew your membership.