The boom in the catering trade of restaurants and takeaways in the 1960 means the number of Chinese people has augmented greatly and the number is multiplied many times over in the present day in Newport and the surrounding areas. 

Interpreting and translating has always been needed in helping them to access all sorts of services and towards integration into the community.  Although there was no established service of this kind, there were always volunteers willing to help out.  

As the volume of work increase steadfastly, the need to have a more stable communication system became apparent which has led to the opening of the Newport Chinese Community Centre (NCCC).

A working group of 5 volunteers was set up in the summer of 2002, with the help of GAVO, funding from the Community First Trust Fund and donations from the Chinese Community.

The NCCC was opened to the public on 1 May 2003. The NCCC provides a base where members of the Chinese Community can access help, advice and support. A number of activities take place at the Centre and in the community, such as translation, interpretation, help with immigration, legal and health issues. The Centre also helps to solve young children's schooling problems, and offers opportunities for High Schools students to do work experience at the Centre.

The NCCC runs community projects and events to encourage community integration and raise awareness of the Chinese culture, not only for Chinese community members, but also for the local people.