1. To promote the health & well-being of the Chinese Community in Newport and its surrounding areas.

  2. To provide help and support for you so you may have full access of the health and social care services, especially if you are a non-English speaking Chinese person.

  3. Through information and education to help you to overcome your cultural difference which stop you from seeking help and support from the professionals.

  4. To support you in building your capacity to make a positive difference in your lives.

  5. To advocate for your needs and make influence to the decisions of statutory organisations that will affect you.


  1. To help you to register and book appointments for GP, Midwife, Health Visitor, Dentist, Optician, Family Health Service, etc.

  2. To read and explain letters sent from the healthcare service to clients & help you to confirm, alter, or cancel medical appointments.

  3. To provide interpreters/translators for all primary and secondary healthcare services.

  4. To help you to express your needs, ideas, feedbacks as well as to lodge complaints to related service providers if necessary.

  5. To help you to understand your treatments, prescription and side effects.

  6. To provide health information and advice for you through health talks, seminars, focus groups meetings; and a drop-in Centre.

  7. To translate leaflets of common diseases and Ante-natal care into Chinese for you.

  8. To provide support to mental health service users and families with Autistic children, learning difficulty or other disabilities including psychological support, advocate, and advice on your patient rights and benefits.

  9. To work with health professionals and social workers in dealing with your needs especially in the area of cultural concerns.

  10. Running health promotion activities for you through workshops, exercise classes and social gatherings; and to promote healthy and happy life styles.



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